We present our new free Bible app: a Catholic Bible for Canadians.

This app is a tool to help you read and listen to the Holy Bible Douay-Rheims, the English edition of the Bible for Catholics.

Our goal is that you can feel comfortable while reading or hearing the word of God from your smartphone.

Although Canada has no official state religion, the country tends to be predominantly Christian.
About 70 % of the population claim Christianity as their faith.
The Catholic Church has the largest number of adherents: more than 12 million Canadians are baptized as Catholics.

Read the Bible each day with this Holy Bible app and share motivational verses or passages with your loved ones.

Besides from providing you with the full text of the Catholic Bible, this app has amazing features:

• It is free!

• Audio and Readable Version. Listen to the Scriptures!

• No internet connection required: this app can be used offline!

• This app links related Bible verses, so you can easily search and compare verses that deal with the same topic.

• You can add your favorite Bible verses to your favorites and keep them for later.

• You can also create a list of your favorite verses and sort them by date.

• Take notes.

• Adjust the text size.

• Set the app to day or night mode.

• Read verses and share certain parts on social media.

• Send verses by SMS or Email.

• Search by keywords.

• Save and store the last read verse for later.

• Receive daily notifications on your mobile phone. Moreover, you can decide when you want to receive these notifications and verses: daily or on Sunday. You can also turn off notifications.

This app is a blessing. Download it now and share Holy Words with your family.

The Bible is subdivided into two major sections known as the Testaments. Each testament has chapters and books.

Download it for free and enjoy the complete Catholic Bible containing 73 books (including deuterocanonical books accepted by the Catholic Church).