Welcome to this new Bible app that allows you to download the Holy Bible on your phone or tablet Android. Enjoy a new edition of the Bible for Nigerians, completely free! Best of all, you can use the app online and offline, you can absolutely read it without Wifi service!

Nigeria has the largest Christian population in Africa. Almost 50 percent of Nigerians are Christians and the majority of Nigerian Christians are Protestant. We want to offer all the Nigerians the best version of the Bible: World English Bible (WEB)

Bring the beauty and truth of the Scriptures into everyday life. With the Nigeria Bible App, you can read, watch, study and share on your smart phone or tablet the most beautifully written Bible in English.

With this simple to use and intuitive app you can read the Bible every single day.

Share the Holy Bible with your friends and family, this app can inspire others to read the Bible and believe in Jesus!

-You can adjust the font size
-Offline app: Readable when not connected to WiFi
-Complete list of the biblical books
-Compatible for Android Phones and tablets
-Beautiful and colorful design